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Parrucchieri Arredamento : Where to find the right furniture and the best equipment to furnish your hair salon or hairdresser, provided by those who know how to give you the right perspective to marry elegance and quality at low prices. A hairdresser's shop needs specific and quality equipment, and furnishings that are both functional and elegant, to offer customers the best possible experience. When choosing in the huge variety of the market becomes a long and difficult operation, you need someone to deal with it; and we stand by your side to manage, at the speed and with the goals that we will set together, all this process of planning, choosing, and purchasing. But not only that: if in your projects there is an extension, a renovation, a renovation, we will assist you throughout the process of design, design and realization, including the choice of furniture and any renovations necessary, to get to Create your perfect new salon! In these pages we help you to search for the right furniture for your salon. Let's now look at the key components to have in your salon to launch your business. An essential piece of furniture to have in your salon is the workplace that some also call a work shelf i.e. the setting up of the mirror and armchair to perform the services. On the market there are two types of work shelves: the wall-to-wall work shelf, useful especially for the hairdresser who has little space or wants to optimize the one available in the salon and the mansol from work to island, more scenic but sometimes more challenging in terms of the space they are occupied to represent. A young hairdresser, with a youthful clientele and open to alternative styles, can choose for his salon: a work station on the wall, with a backlit sand-blasted mirror, black plastic armchair or leather-like armchair and footrests and worktop in satin or shiny chrome metal. Hairdressing chairs are essential for a proper workstation. They are designed and made explicitly for this work, they serve to ensure a high comfort for both the clientele and the hairdresser who has to work around it. Another basic piece of furniture for a hairdresser are the hairdresser's armchairs that can be unisex armchairs, or women's hairdresser armchairs, or men's hairdresser armchairs and finally barber chairs. In these models, the chair stem is equipped with a lever hydraulic pump that moves the seat to various heights. Men's armchairs, also called barber's chairs, are often different from women's seats. The built-in headrest and footrest, generally unnecessary for customers and then reclining back, useful to get an optimal position during shaving. Men's armchairs are also equipped with the hydraulic pump adjustment system, which can be operated by hand or foot. Some sophisticated models, with a more sophisticated design, are equipped with a phonal door or embellished with wooden inlays. Choosing the optimal hairdresser chair depends, in addition to the budget, also on the style of the surrounding environment; the décor of the whole salon must be as harmonious and uniform as possible. Finally, there are models of unisex sitting: these are men's armchairs also designed for a female audience. The shiatsu massage washer, for example, which thanks to their pre-set programs, give a soft massage to the client sitting at the shampoo. The air massage chair is also activated from a distance, being equipped with a remote control. When buying washes, also keep in mind the purchase of a worktop and a back-wash cabinet and towel holder. Some washing models are equipped with a wipe compartment and bottle holder suitable to hold the cleaning products. There are retro-wash furniture equipped with chests of drawers, veneer painted or rosewood or real structures with shelves and laminate doors of different colors. Some of these can be equipped with a sink and work top to prepare dyes and other aesthetic treatments. The optimal placement of these furniture is behind the washes.

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15 Nov 19

Hairstylist: Angelo Di Pasca & Beatrice Saccucci
Ph: Patrizio Gentile, Kobe Thinh Nguyen, Escalante.
Make up : Oristano Guevara, Sophia Chau Hoang


14 Nov 19

Clicca qui e guarda il video

EGIDIO BORRI, noto hairstylist creativo e spontaneo, proprietario di moltissimi saloni in Toscana ti invita nel nuovo salone, SABRINA BY EGIDIO in via Roma 9, a San Giovanni Valdarno (AREZZO)

Location moderna con uno stile originale ed elegante, è il nuovo salone di Egidio Borri e Sabrina Citroni!

L’estro artistico dei due soci si percepisce subito all’ingresso del bellissimo salone, dove si può notare la cura nei dettagli e l’originalità nella scelta del design.

Cambi di look, cura del capello e tagli di tendenza sono l’ordine del giorno per i due artisti Egidio e Sabrina che grazie alle apparecchiature di ultima generazione e prodotti di alto livello garantiscono alle clienti un risultato finale strabiliante e sempre al passo con i tempi.

Leggi anche: “Inaugurazione del nuovo salone SABRINA by EGIDIO

14 Nov 19

Tra gli acconciatori più influenti nel panorama italiano e i giovani
under 28, che si stanno affacciando per la prima volta al grande pubblico, sono stati scelte le 3 migliori proposte per ciascuna categoria.








Alessandro Barca, Alessandro Bonetto, Daniele Gnisci, Giovanna Smriglio, Lorenzo Rilli, Matteo De Vita, Mattia Pongolini, Nicola Gepponi, Thomas Dughiero, Alessandro Bonetto, Francesco Bottone, Federico Lucchese, Gianluca Gulino, Giovanni Napolitano, Giacomo Pettirossi, Valerio Federico, Vito Lacialamella, Alessandro Barca, Daniel Maltoni, Gianluca Grechi, Matteo Susini, Giancarlo Rodia, Lorenzo Marchelle, Silvio Luciani, Valerio Moggiani, Fabio Di Gennaro, Giuseppina Morgillo, Ida Ortolani, Luigi Martini, Mirco Bretta, Matteo De Vita, Mayla Fabbriciani, Marco Iafrate, Simone Bernardo, Salvatore De Maria, Simone Prati, Vincenzo Ragusa, Andrea Garofalo, Ida Ortolani, Ilaria Spinello, Mirco Bretta, Mirko Schioppa, Simone Minella, Salvatore De Maria, Fulvio Furcas, Gianluca Grechi, Giancarlo Rodia.

13 Nov 19

CHARME & BEAUTY, noto distributore di prodotti professionali per capelli di SAN GIOVANNI TEDUCCIO (NAPOLI), noto anche per i suoi saloni di eccellenza, è sulla copertina di BEAUTYBAZAR FASHION.

CHARME & BEAUTY è in copertina!

BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION è lo short magazine dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza e CHARME & BEAUTY si è aggiudicato la copertina di questo numero.

Sfoglia online la rivista.

13 Nov 19

Piu' conosciuto subito fino a 30.000 visite al giorno

Un network con 1624 domini collegati e server nelle Americhe e Asia, con la gran parte dei testi in 38 lingue. GLOBElife porta l'Italia in tutto il mondo.

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